zaterdag 19 november 2016


middle Neel De Bruycker (Ghent). Cake Cabinet (2016). Night table and polyurthane foam. Estimated value: 800 to 1.200.
left Nele Tas (Antwerp). A work from the enchanting Ribbon Building Series, exhibited in croxhapox Autumn 2011. This on is from 2015. Estimated: 300 to 600.
middle Nicolas Leus (Ghent). A recent work exhibited at Barbé Gallery and croxhapox, in croxhapox during the Sex Met Verf [Sex With Paint] production. Nicolas would describe his attitude as a painter as punk. The title of his 2006 crox solo project actually had the title ZenPunk. He had a number of shows at the late Richard Foncke Gallery. Estimated value: 800 à 1.200.
right Peter Lagast (Bruges). Three samples, sold as a unit, from a large series of Vinyl Cover paintings (2015-2016). Estimated value set: 750 to 1.000.

left see above
middle Peter Morrens (Antwerp). Peter made this magnificent drawing, which pictures a crashing war engine, for the croxhapox fund auction. The crashing engine is the funding. The charcoal drawing is finished with a layer of brutish spank. Estimated value: 2.000 to 3.000.
Next to it a work by Peter Van Ammel (Kortrijk). Title: Spring verder dan uw stok lang is, and words written on the naked wood: proficiat met uw nieuwe stok. Made in 2015. Estimated value: 250 to 350.
in front to the right Pieter De Clercq (Ghent). Three fairly recent pieces. To the left: Plaster and Games, up: The pedal bin from ikea belongs in the trash can, and the yellow one: If even the funnel can't down it. Estimated value: 300 to 500. Pieter De Clercq finished art school at KASK in 2007 and had his Master project at croxhapox, having an almost grotesque wall piece and quite a number of smaller pieces, usually called assemblages. The presentation of Pieter in 2007 went with the second crox expo of Christophe Lezaire and made a remarkable unit.

left A work by Peter Van Ammel: Kunst van de bovenste plank in evenwicht gehouden door het Postmodernisme. Estimated: 300 to 500.
on the floor see above
middle Reinhard Doubrawa (DE/ Köln). Zone of Specific Importance (2016). As the work of Peter Morrens this one is made for the auction. Stencil, cutout cardboard and carpaint. Estimated: 300 to 800. The story goes that Reinhard Doubrawa and Peter Morrens met in Basel in 2008 a couple of weeks or months after Doubrawa and me had met in croxhapox. Soon after he had a series of projects in both croxhapox and Voorkamer. The work zone of specific importance, close to many other works Doubrawa made, tunes the identity of croxhapox as a major enigma in recent art history.
middle to the right Rik De Boe (Ninove). Courtesy Sofie Van de Velde (Antwerp) and Rasche Ripkin (Berlin). Estimated value: 1.800 to 2.400.
right Robin Vermeersch. Hey, a piece from 2015. Selling price: 700 to 1.000.

left Postgraduate, A recent drawing by Sébastien Conard, author of a piling number of graphic novel editions on graphic novel. The drawing combines blue ink, yellow ecoline, bistre and red graphite on 200g/m2 steinbachpaper, is signed and framed and has an estimated value of 150 to 350. Next to it The Becket List, by N. Dranoc, estimated value 250 to 350.
middle Stijn Van Dorpe. An interesting, enigmatic piece. Bodies and Spaces (2016). Three characters on a small piece of wood, a bronze coffee spoon, a bronze thimble and a glass set square.
middle to the right Suzan Batu (Istanbul). Suzan had a crox solo in 1996. She used to live in New York, focused on painting and doing curational work as well. Months after 9/11 she ad her husband moved to Istanbul. The piece, Islands, is a print from a edition of 75, numbered 0 - 75 as it comes directly from her workingplace. Estimated value 3.000.
right Black Diamond by Thomas Bogaert. Film still and resin on canvas. A large piece. Estimated value 2.500 to 7.500. From a movie he took near Zermatt.

left Tim Volckaert. Naissance, a recent painting with elements referring to Renaissance painting. Tim participated in the second edition of Basics #2 (2006). Estimated value 2.000 to 4.000.
middle A piece by Tinka Pittoors entitled Lifestyle Overdosis 2. Apart from the cloche it has epoxy, art trees and lacquer. Estimated value 1.500 to 2.000. Tinka had her first show in 2006 in croxhapox, when the roof was still as hoaxy as a sieve, for that reason incorporating a number of umbrellas in the presentation.
right Tuur Delodder. Sawing machine, an artefact made in 2006 for above mentioned second edition of Basics 2. Estimated value 150 to 500.

to the right Two recent paintings by Veerle Beckers, especially made for the auction, a study for Zink (oil on canvas), exhibited recently in croxhapox during the Sex Met Verf /Sex With Paint/ production, estimated value 400 to 750, and Mille-feuille (oil on wood), estimated value 200 to 450.
left Vincent de Roder, Deviation (2016). Estimated value 500 to 2.000.
right William Ludwig Lutgens. Hotel Scene With Young Psychologist (2016). Estimated value 2.000 to 4.000.

left Wouter Cox. 2016, Those Where The Days (1991-2016). Estimated value: 400 à 800. Part of a solo crox presentation early 1991 and finished only a short time ago with two alabaster sugar cubes.
middle & right Wouter Feyaerts. A triptych from a large series of placards (Plakkaten), exhibited at SMAK in 2011. Courtesy Transit Gallery Mechelen. Estimated value set 2.000 à 3.000.

right Yoshimasa Matsumoto. Untitled (2016). Inox and aluminium. Estimated value: 2.000 à 2.500.

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