vrijdag 17 augustus 2018


Here it is. Is it that tiny? What is it? Plumage. Tiny plumage. Why tiny? Did someone do something to it? No one. Because of tiny, of being tiny, of being unnoticed, of being unnoticed and tiny and for that reason tiny. But no one noticed, right? That's right. No one? Well, euh, you did. Yes, right, that's right. So, mate, tell me, what's your name. Many, Sir, I have many. Tell me, Many, tell me about tiny. Many told me, Sir. Many, who's that punch? No one, Sir, no one. And no one noticed. Yes, yes, indeed, many of that. So you did, Many. Yes, yes, I did, yes indeed, I noticed. Down on the pavement it was, unnoticed but I noticed. It was fat. No one noticed how fat it was, fat, tiny, unnoticed. Fat, grey and greyish white, fat and tiny greyish white, unnoticed. Then about an hour from here it began to circle, it made circles, made many of that, all of it about 1 centimeter above ground level, rubbing the air, as one may have called it, 1 centimeter above ground level, and indeed other creatures had a more or less similar state of being, that is: fat, tiny, unnoticed, other noticed and unnoticed creatures such as that one and this one and that one too. Oh, yeah, right, that one too? That one too. Many creatures and all of that, having one singular name, each one of it, and you know what I think? Tell me, Many, tell it. Unnoticed. Why? Why? Why? Why... Because no one noticed. Other creatures would attend the circle and these too, all of them, would remain unnoticed. unnoticed. unnoticed. But you noticed. Yeah. Why? Right. Indeed. Of course. Right. Naturally. Not being one of them, I noticed. Having so many names, I noticed, I had to notice, so I did, I noticed. Hey, look that one over there... Tomatable, wouldn't it. Red, fat, gluey, very much a tomato I think. A tomato wouldn't be that flat of course, but apart from that, and seen from, let's call it a distance, very tomatable, fat, tiny, & I did, I noticed, & you noticed, you did. Yeah, right.

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