woensdag 29 november 2023


1059 Stilleven met Messerschmitt
olieverf potlood 47 x 43 (2023)

dinsdag 28 november 2023



1031 And nothing dangerous at all
olieverf potlood 57 x 71

One of the colors is a dark bright blue.
One of the features is a James Ensor painting.
One of the volumes is the 2018 Columbus edition of The Revised Boy Scout Manual, An Electronic Revolution, by William S. Burroughs.
One of the papers is a dark grey envelope.
Burroughs posing with a gun.
One of the books contains the complete volume of credit notes of Sierens' grocery store, located in a former crox neighbourhood, from late Eighthies up to 1998.
Only not even half of it is visible: Henry Miller's The Books in My Life.
And the pencil my father used to sharpen with a potato peeler. Not even only half of it remains.

maandag 6 november 2023


Landschap met stilleven en Messerschmitt
olieverf potlood 66 x 88 (2023)

böhmische grüne erde W
cassel earth B
cobalt green W
De rechterhand der huisvrouw, Uitg Van Den Broek, Bussum
french ardoise grey W
german earth W
italian terre verte W
kaltgrau S
Li Po and Tu Fu, Penguin,
Miller, Henry, The Books in my Life
Morandi, Giorgio, Electa, blz. 152-153, paesaggio 1942, paesaggio 1943,
Nabokov, Vladimir, Gogol
Petit cours de Kiswahili pratique suivi d'un vocabulaire français-kiswahili kiswahili-français, Imbelco 1953
porcelain white W
sfumato S
ultramarine blue french W
van dijck bruin OH
Verwée, Adriaan, Under a poor Cloak you commonly find a good Drinker, M 2014
violet grijs OH
zinkwit C

B Blockx
C Classico
OH Oudt Hollandt
S Schminke
W Williamsburg

vrijdag 3 november 2023


Zu wie alles zu Unrat wird
120 x 90 olieverf potlood (2021-2023)