maandag 15 oktober 2018

third person

The first I look at it was a white shirt. Two is, I look at her face, a brown face with a mannish profile. The third person is female too and has flash-deep purple surroundings. Manufactured in silence Five More Minutes bends his head, or, rather, would tend to pinch a dip. Noisy thereabouts. And brown again. Daddy, the not-at-all-naughty boyob says, daddy. He has it dark blond, both feet secure beneath mother's figure. Could be orange and a scarf I guess. Something like orange peels hanging there.
Then I stop looking around at people and concentrate on the Mexican dish. O, o..., that Indian girl again. Mannish profile. Slowly taking from the greens I again notice the purple-haired. She wears black clothing and has a pale face and blue lips. Tortoise blue. Bends her head and looks at something in front of her.

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