donderdag 7 maart 2019

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From a stonewall leaks water.
The sheep go and turn

move from end to end and turn.

Small herds of plum leaves contemplate the concrete.
Sunlight leaks from a tree.

The sheep go and turn, turn and go. Go and turn

move from edge to edge and turn. Voices
The voices go and turn. Water does, it goes and it turns,
rain comes and goes. And the trees go, turn and go

turn to a snake
turn to the elephant
turn and go

Words come and go. Fed with the lazy light of a late afternoon shadows take and leave.
The roads get vague.

Houses stumble downhill. A boy follows the dead end of a path near the river. A flock of sunlit clouds.
Ellington died. Leaves fell and turned. Roundabouts
are about round. A fish bikes

All the way to the marketplace. bikes
And turns.

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