dinsdag 26 februari 2019

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It's not the first to be noticed, to be mentioned, not the first to be mentioned, seen, to be seen, not the first to be seen; neither the first I'd been thinking off;
if you consider what I've done to so many others, he's done, you've done; she wears, or
She got.
She got a black skirt, got black shoes, a black loincloth, a black scarf, got black hair too, black up her throat and black down to her toes; there's no one else on the goddam planet; the black, coal-black, includes an invisible set of ritual garments;
no notebook. All thing has been written. The first notebook had a note on barley.
Barley, barley, it's hard to notice anything else. Barley. other caracteristics A small figure. Shadows. Pressure. Others take care of history. Hers too. He
He wears a white shirt with some or other word on it, slack hair, & gets inside a car, double-parked, gets inside, starts the engine. Others more or less alive
A girl runs through the menu.
The person in front of her smokes a cigarette.

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