vrijdag 29 juni 2018


Rachel said, I'm sure I left my glasses on this table, but they're not here now, John said.
Het begint met een bladzijde uit An Age Ago, A Selection of Nineteenth-century Russian Poetry, een editie van Farrar-Straus-Giroux uit 1988, en bladzijde 43: To A Poet: No poet should set store by public acclamation./ Ecstatic praise will pass, an instant in the ear;/ The empty crowd will laugh, the fool have its oration, [ ] Pushkin; & eindigt niet waar het begon.
Damia Bridge, 340m onder zeeniveau, op William Carlos Williams: But

       only one man –– like a city.

In regard to the poems I left with you; will you be so kind as to return them to me at my new address?[Paterson, p. 7; Penguin 1963];; op Miller (en hier op bladzijde 22, waar het boek begint: I sit in a little room, one wall of which is now completely lined with books. It is the first time I have had the pleasure of working with anything like a collection of books. There are probably no more than five hundred in all, but for the most part they represent my own choice. [The Books in my Life, p. 22, New Directions 1969];; op Les lieux de Marguerite Duras, [ ] Een cirkelbeweging linksop over lijvige boeken en krantenknipsels en daar, onder een mail art, tussen Broodthaers en Beckmann, had je Against Interpretation van Susan Sontag kunnen aantreffen, de Delta editie uit 1966 met goudgroene cover, en in dit boek bladzijde 5: ––conversely, it is the habit of approaching works of art in order to interpret them that sustains the fancy that there really is such a thing as the content of a work of art;;

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