maandag 26 augustus 2019


There you are. How do you do. I'm fine. Get closer please, Unbutton, but Not too close. Ocean, you've been looking at me, desirous and. We've met before. It's me. Me, the other.

Substructures (A), (B) and (C) describe precisely every component. Well, here I am, one out of many.
trying to attract your attention
If A and B are true, Z must be true. bel A B C du monde Als deze behoefte aan afleiding tot een kanaal herleid zou kunnen worden. Then

someone noticed
How do you do.
nothing to look at. Everything has been seen. I'm fine. Get closer please. Ask. Everything has been seen.
No slightest wish or deliberation in your face or wish and deliberation in my face escapes your notice.

zonder dat zij of ik het merkten
As anyone may observe. As with Whitman

everything seemed to be of equal and absorbing interest to him.

Including my awareness of the environment in which your discourse took place.

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