dinsdag 1 februari 2011


croxhapox levert vandaag 26.700 zoekresultaten in 0,15 seconden and this one on page 19:


Golden Hypnos LP
20 €

Stellar vocals and drones by Sachiko of Overhang Party; three pieces of hypnotic, gliding delight. This is Sachiko's first —all-drone— vinyl release, in an edition of 350. Heavy-weight vinyl & paste-on sleeve with artwork created by Johan De Wilde. AudioMER. edition in collaboration with Croxhapox gallery.

This is what David Keenan had to say about the album:

"Major new album from one of VT’s central obsession, Japanese underground femme Sachiko, ex of Kousokuya/Overhang Party. This LP is pressed on 180g vinyl and comes in a run of only 350 copies. The first side is a completely mesmerising stone. Accompanied by Rinji Fukuoka (Overhang Party) on voice and cello, Sachiko sounds as if she is gargling planets as she levitates wordless vocals through a slowly shifting bible-black background of orchestral drone and Eternal Music strings generated by vortices of cello and viola and hovering electronics. Can’t think of anything that so beautifully combines the vision of the original Dream Syndicate with the aesthetics of dark Japanese psychedelia. On the flip there are two tracks, both of which extend the time-blurring effects of the first side into new zones of heavenly tonefloat, with Sachiko’s high vocal style dissolving in butterflies of F/X while electronics hiss and spit and intergalactic shortwave travels through endless space. Easily the best record she has made to date, a mesmeric slice of higher-minded drone narcosis and a classic Japanese underground side. Highly recommended."

Contact orders[at]smeraldina-rima[dot]com if you'd like a copy.

Enkele minuten later levert het 26.900 zoekresultaten met op pagina 10 onder andere Interior View en het item Christelijke zinnetjes/Home Decorating Ideas. De link op deze website verwijst naar de crox-encyclopedie en een lijst van adjectieven uit recensies over crox-projecten: De Christelijke Motieven De Cubistische Invloeden De Deelnemende Bewoners Die Veelzeggende Minimale Zinnetjes Digitale Films Digitale Reproduktietechnieken. In de lijst ontbreken onbevroed en niets vermoedend.

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