zaterdag 15 september 2012

ad autolycum (1)

variation one : introducing error

disposition one              disposition two

we have declared           inspired Euripides
Aratus said         This is proved
Others disagreed            error
we believe it       or else spoke in vain
take it           inspired Euripides
leave it (or)                    knowing
                  This is proved
digging                           in vain
take it        Euripides said
This explained it        inspired error
to be demolished           This is proved
digging               in vain
it happens                      it made us sober
who tells who                labour exorcized
errata :

should I continue           for this reason
reminding            nothing

variation two : god is useless

disposition one              disposition two

Aratus                            not to mention
those willing to die        him in that cupboard
what he did            where he sat
not listed in the file        not to mention
many others           on purpose
those who knew             slick truth
not to mention                and what did it demonstrate
those who believe so     
not to mention                copyrights
the invisible ashtray       ate it and with that
many others             ate it
unwillingly                     that which he himself
we say truth                    rejected
                    and with him
many others

errata :

ought to have done so

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