zondag 11 november 2012

the day Dimitris Ameliodotis came to town

98 Dimitris introduces a project space in Libanon, 98 weeks. It's the only one.
Khomeini, arsehole club member number one. The perfect arsehole.
In Iran, Nima says, most people are atheist.
Todo religion is criminal.
Dimitris zegt: Greece has no urban culture. Yannick zegt: Is this a problem? Dimitris zegt: The current talk in Greece is are we EU or not. Is Greece a western country or is it not a western country. And at the end of this: Western tradition came from it.
eyesight The Optical Christians. A christ wearing glasses.
fout We hadden elkaar ontmoet en ze zou naar me omgekeken hebben.
Waiting for the frites.
Augustinus, vierde eeuw na pietjepuk, considers sex and women to be horrible.
De waarzegger die zegt: 'Er is u iets ergs overkomen.'
Dimitris zegt: I like the music of Laponia.
Unpopular. Because of married with young girls and more of that. But I really like what he wrote, Yannick says.
Yannick would phone me.
Quinten Quinten woont in Londen.
Rape. It is mass rape.
It is a crime. Religion is crime. A sentence, a game of authority.
setup The Greek crisis is a game. It is a setup.
song We are going back to the city, darla dirlada darla dirlada, we are going back to the city, darla dirlada darla dirlada. Dimitris remembers the list of people singing together, polyphonic, darla dirlada darla dirlada, the list of everyone in the whole wide world.
tafelgenot Drinken, praten, eten, roken, filosoferen. Dat is wat ze in Griekenland met aan tafel gaan begrijpen, het genot van een maaltijd zonder ander tijdstip.
terrible Some terrible things happened but not all of it was terrible.
They met in Turkey.
I am at the wheel of my three o seven litterbox driving southwest along the dark promenade of a river sloop.
why Orthodox people, Dimitris says, would rather incline to ask each other do we have to, why.
Yannick Yannick herinnert zich niet wanneer ze elkaar voor het eerst ontmoet hebben. They had Mary Sherman, spend some days together, and met an American called Ralph Brancaccio.

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