maandag 24 maart 2014

a history of economy

The Bluejacket is a common and catastrafolic diversified species also known as businessmen. Thousands and thousands of variations and mutations made it a widespread phenomenon, worse than any other predator. There's millions of them, as Ectopistes migratorius swarming in uncountable masses, breeding a lunatic plasm of industrial activity and wealth and finance that no other species ever achieved. One of the more common parasites of the species is politics, a setup of individuals with infernal focus on the obscure and indecent parts of finance.

Economy, Francisca says, is derived from a Greec word. It meant taking care of the home, it meant the knowledge of resources.
There's no economy at all these days, she adds. Finance is against what economy could have meant. Dinosaurs eat the globe.
What we need, I add, is a ministery of non-affairs. A prime minister stating with his usual smile that no treathy whatsoever has been signed. No treathy with the Japanese government.
We came, the ministery of non-affairs states, to the possible agreement of a non-financial transaction. He adds the usual smile,
derived from a Greec word, getting home. That sense of the infinitive, Francisca adds.

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