dinsdag 18 maart 2014


Pedro has a long stick on his back. I am not informed on the intention it has.
It maybe hasn't any. Intentions are hard to take.
Walking with a metal stick on his shoulder Pedro steps towards the narrow end

leaving on his path a leftover of the original planning, more or less:

but would it be this or that, something more visible than the steps it has
taking from a belly
informal signs and gestures.

Jelle focuses on the project of Neema Ba and Amirali Ghasemi, transferring the files on the stick to suitable media. A hell a lot of work.
The little corner on top of the cube room changed into the sidequarter of a pirate ship revealing one after one solemn islands of artistic work, send by Neema Ba and Amirali Ghasemi. It looks great. Some of the work doesn't offer decent transmission though.

HDL delivered the package of Francisca Carvalho. Pedro sticks to his work in the main room, making the rough thing dark and black.

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