woensdag 8 januari 2014


The beach. A young woman stepping from unnoticed surroundings. She runs. That is she starts to run. We of course don't know who she is. She's there, on the beach, a dark-haired young woman wearing a green t-shirt. Seen from the lounge on fifth floor of Hotel Sol e Mar there's no one else on the beach. Far from the coast a small boat speeds on the slightly bluish surface of the ocean. It makes a slow turn towards the coast. The young woman runs along the surf. On the beach many traces of similar activity may be noticed, or not, and now hers is added, slightly diagonal towards the surf. The engine on the water, what we have depicted to be a small boat, without adding anything more specific, made a U-turn and disappeared behind a stone construction with something on it. No music is to be heard as the girl left no other message than her breezy thread. She vanished. Seagulls boil above the surf. On the beach a small engine appeared. It has two males inside. Much older now a woman follows the thread back to its forgotten beginnings. The engine with the males inside has reached the spot where someone who had been following the edge of the surf all of a sudden took a sharp 90 degree angle. Seen from the lounge on fifth floor the beach appears to be the unfolded map of a treasure game. Where and who we do not know. From the lounge on fifth someone with a British accent took notice of a man in black with a camera fastened to a small scale tripod. Partly a cyclopic structure, composition too is nothing else but a matter of scale. How the Titanic went, from a more general point of view, is only one of the elements.

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