donderdag 2 januari 2014

two statues

In the middle of Rossio, let's have a look at him,
what is he doing there?
a stonzefrozen corpus stands, dedicated to Pedro IV, born
it reads on October 12 in the year 1798
and getting darker, come rain come shine, year after year.

Next to la Brasileira, with a sincere smile on its face, a far smaller statue sits.
People sit next to it, ravishing blondes, latinos with a funny gaze smoking a fat cigar.
They touch its lefthand, resting on the table, just as often embrace it,
kids look at it, shout: look that funny man, and are just as often told who it was.
Girls take his hands, smile and laugh, families gather around him, quite often
imitating its sudden gaze, its dull color of greenish copper.
Wouldn't it be sick a bit? Didn't it drank a bit too much? Wouldn't it rather prefer
to walk and drink and smoke? Wouldn't it just for fun write one more poem?

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