dinsdag 7 januari 2014

the tourist with the blue hat

A tourist with a blue hat, sitting on the terrace at Largo do Carmo, goes through a magazine on Lisbon curiosities.
The institute for archaeological research on Largo do Carmo is one of it and now she's the other. A female with a blue hat. What's left of her to look at?
Apart from half a suitcase left in a double room: black hair, a coat darkened by rain, the blue hat, no face, a pair of glasses. Then, as soon as she speaks,
addressing a male in a dark blue coat who stept from the main entrance of one of the major curiosities on Largo do Carmo,
going through the magazine again, again examing the luxurious Baroque interiors of Madre de Deus and Sao Roque: a husband, the dog.

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