donderdag 7 december 2017

Taborn & Potter Meet the Harland Percussion Orchestra

A night to be remembered, to be remembered a night. Taborn, wellknown for his somptuous technique on keyboard, Potter likewise for his sober and luxurious treatment of the copper horn, had a meeting tonight, December Seventh, Gent dowtown, at the Handelsbeurs, with an extremely devoted character, known to many from this day on as The Harland Percussion Orchestra, being Harland on drum, Harland on percussion, Harland on different kinds of other material, and indeed Harland making minor and major remarks clockwise-steady on both his performance and some other simultaneous performance including other musicians, more or less experienced as a blurred circle, being Taborn, on keyboard, wellknown for his somptuous technique, and, likewise, Potter, Chris Potter, known for the sober and luxuriously swift treatment of his instrument, that is, a saxophone, to name but one out of many.
Three lights focused on the pith of the scenery. Seen from where I sat, halfway the audience in its massive inclination of silence, it gave that impression of creamy dust seen through one of the side entrance panes of any of the nearby hangover-poets-piss-off joints.
The concert began with Potter on tenor saxophone and offered, to begin with, a suite-like structure. I need to admit that I'm not all too familiar with Potter as frontman, I don't have any notes on him, as on Ornette for instance or Taborn, but the sound of his tenor came with familiar appetite, I knew it, as Taborn on keyboard I had heard it before, and I like it. It makes a sonorous sound and Taborn added both melodic and multi-rhythmic, repetitive patterns.
Not having any light at hand my first note on Harland, I notice, got blurred by words and phrases on top of it: raging sound.. acute, sharp, poignant... Jokes. Takes wisdom from the bottle. He seemed to have sort of a mobile liqueur tool behind or beneath the bass drum. And on the bass drum he went. Heavy artillery it made, which I in a rather non-conclusive way marked as End of the Unaffected. Devotion made it worse. Meanwhile the broad, linear patchwork of sax and keyboard went on, not really as if nothing had happened, but it went on, as the Norway lobster had to be served, with or without vinegar.
It made a stunning performance. I never saw that before in my life, Potter generously added. Anyway, no victims on the dance floor.

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