vrijdag 12 januari 2018



A note on the translation. EGG, the catastrophically fabulous oneword poem by nOwOrdrOwOn, succesfully translated in many languages, is the first of a series of three hundred fifty six not a word too many poems, better known as the Egg Series. Many of these miniature all in one word expressips have been lost, quite often for at least half an hour, and it is far from acknowledged by anyone familiar or not with the boundaries of expressipness if nOwOrdrOwOn ever came to the presumed total of Three Five Six.(1) The poet quite often wrote many a day a dozen of them in a minute, but apart from TABLE, GOAT, and, far less remarkable, AAAAAAAH [often seen as a senior poet shot just before conceiving his most remarkable quote](2), few remained. The daily damage done.
Non-Digested Comment on the text. Egg is the origin of species. God couldn't.

[1] Close To Avant-garde: the door.
[2] Transfigured and/or quoted by O. Albrecht on Friday 12th as 'Ah', indeed a far shorter and more gentle statement.(3)
[3] To which nOwOrdrOwOn responded with a subtle 'O...'.

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