zondag 18 januari 2015

zaterdag 17 januari

Below: Tom Prater - or Major Tom - from Bristol Diving School and Holly Maries from Bristol Diving School. Both from Bristol Diving School indeed. Tom - or Major Tom - would tell that his worst headache ever was one night after drinking such steep quantity of delirious liquor that he had to phone the firm he used to work for with the stone-carved remark that he couldn't make it as he apparently had forgot how to get to his feet.

Above: shortly after this picture was taken Holly, Tom and Laura had to get to the appartment with Holly in a hush to get a cab. The coach at Holiday Inn would take off at half past one. Both Tom and Holly performed in the Candea Late Night Dinner Special introducing two pieces of meat and other delicate whereabouts that even Magnus Mills without thinking to get to it would call A Fat Dinosaur Steak.

Below: Holly and Laura.

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