donderdag 17 november 2016


left Adriaan Verwée (Ghent). The Set (2005). Chaplin's Ghetto from The Great Dictator. Estimated value: 1.500 to 2.000. Inkjet print, wood, stones. This remarkable piece is from the first crox-expo of the artist, september 2005, one of his very first shows actually. It wasn't exhibited during the expo, as it made the set (as the title indicates) for a short movie. From the archive of the artist.
right Alan Smith (Ghent). Untitled composition in four colours. Estimated value: 500 to 800. A handsome oil painting. Unlike his Canadian roots Alan Smith's work, ranging from painting, drawing to objects and sculptural installations, is fairly tipical for Ghent art scene, tending to generate varying scopes of geometric abstraction. This abstract zone of local art practice emerged from talents such as Dan Van Severen and Raoul De Keyser and created a parallel world with many local art collectors and art spaces focused on it. It combines the pure and lucid atmosphere of talents such as Raphaël Buedts, Mario De Brabandere, Vincent de Roder, Ignace De Vos and many others. For unknown reason this locally widespread practice seems to have little international resonance.

left see above
middle Arpaïs du Bois (Antwerp). La perruque du temps perdu (2015). Mixed media on paper. Estimated value: 950 to 1.350.
right Benjamin Verdonck (Antwerp). O (2016). Cardboard, polysthyrene, glue, wood, plastic. Estimated value: 700 to 1.200. This piece undoubtly is a reflection on how it went with the funding. The O however should be read as O, not as zero nada nul de botten.

left Bie Michels (Antwerp). No Words (2015). Video 16'. Estimated value: 1.000 to 1.500.
middle left Bie Michels. No Words Rethought - Black (2015). Oil on wood. Estimated value: 250 to 500. Both works are from an in situ project near Duinkerken.
middle right 
Bieke Depuydt (Ghent). Gesso and oil on grounded cardboard. Estimated value: 800 to 1.500. This artist created a large and wonderfully delicate wall piece during a 2012 crox project. The wall piece unfortunately had to be removed. Quite different from the wall creation this piece nevertheless shows a similar lyric body loaded with a solid awareness of any of its substantial elements.
right Bob Van de Putte (Evergem). Dystopisch landschap /Dystopic landscape/ (2015). Three pieces from a large piece, in total 240 x 120cm. Bob Van de Putte had two exciting crox-projects and a third one everlasting. Estimated value: 250 to 500.

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right Bram Van Stappen (Antwerp). Untitled Scape #25 and #27. Sold as a diptych. Estimated value complete set: 300 to 600. We consider this artist to be one of the most gifted photographers around here. His work habits are enigmatic. He has a tremendous feel for the image as an object and for any of the themes he takes to be the object. Up to this date however his enigma remains unsolved and as such he should be considered to be one of the hidden secrets of Belgian art scene.

left Bruno Vandenberghe (Ghent). B-G(Ag) (2013). Silkscreen, edition of 1/1. Estimated value: 400 to 700. A six layer silkscreen print. More recent he went up to twenty layers. Known for huge installation pieces, always made in situ or at least based and inspired by the measures any such place may offer. Sound performer.
right buren (Melissa Mabesoone, Oshin Albrecht). A huge and terrefic photograph. The size absolutely adds to the theme, which connects to the China Song performance. The image has a layer of Hitchcock, especially his Buenos Aires scenes and the black & white Number 17 from 1930, Italian drama, Hollywood, Chandler, ancient story telling. The emotion comes from the figure and the entry it makes. This is not a photograph, it is a scene. It both pictures getting to the thing and a strong awareness of the obstacle. Estimated value: 700 to 1.200.

Carole Vanderlinden (Brussels). Plate succulente (2015). Oil on canvas. Estimated value: 1.499 to 3.000. Carole had her very first show in croxhapox in 2004. Her work is a wild breeze from the depth of painting.
middle right Chris Vanbeveren (Ghent). Estimated value: 500 to 1.200. This painting is from a 2013 series.
right Christophe Lezaire (Brussels). Estimated value: 1.400 to 2.000. Lezaire most notably is one of the secrets of Belgian art scene. Any of his works has such an extreme tension that it makes the unseen masterpiece. He had all his first shows at croxhapox and considers Joseph Beuys to be his main influence. I love his work for so many reasons that I hardly would be able to tell anything valuable on the issue. I don't know if he feels it that way: his work is damn erotic. It has that forbidden touch of genious, which makes the thing seen as splendid as the thing done.

left Colette Broeckaert (Ghent). ABC. Estimated value: 500 to 800. A solid and recent piece of a remarkable talent.
middle Three pieces from the crox17 project (1991-1992). This lot pictures the Hungarian mailart unit. The photocopy arts up to this date seem fundamental. Estimated value: 50 to 150.
right Part of the work of Dirk Braeckman.

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