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right Mayan Hieroglyphics (2015) by Frank&Robbert & Robbert&Frank, a 200 layer multiprint and a unique specimen. Estimated value: 1.200 to 2.000. They had their first appearance at croxhapox at the age of 18, later at SMAK, and quite suddenly became hot and spicy, making stunning performance and video pieces and installative works. Recently they toured in Asia, had shows all over Europe with their newest performance piece and a huge wall piece at Gallery Baro in Sao Paolo in 2015. Look for GUNS, their 2015 publication on warfare articles.
Frank&Robbert & Robbert&Frank (not Robbert&Frank & Frank&Robbert, as both names switch with each new project) are pointed to produce the apogee of our period at Lucas Munichstraat 76/82, as we leave the building early 2017 heading for a new location. The Culture Department of the Government of North Korea actually handed us a gigantic resort near the South Korean border filled to the brim with smiling North Korean art experts, and I must admit we couldn't resist. Frank&Robbert and buren (Melissa Mabesoone, Oshin Albrecht) work together on The Pursuit of The Gentlemen's Gentlemen, originally a 2008 performance piece by Noe Kidder and Brian Getnick (US), which opens at Lucas Munichstraat on 1st of December 2016, a Thursday. Building up moves are free for inspection on Thurs- Fri- Sat- and Sundays, alongside the auction travel. A female North Korean apprentice guides to the steps and the inner and practical modi of this One Size Fits All production.

left see above
middle Four pieces from the fabulous crox17 photocopy art project (1991-1992), a street project on approx 80 locations Ghent downtown. This set has works by Jürgen O. Olbrich, Wolfgang Hainke, Hartmut Graf and Franz John, photocopy art from the roots of mailart (it would be silly to say German mailart as mailart is a worldwide thing, long before the www began). Some of the pieces, especially those of Olbrich and John, are technically spectactular masterpieces of a genre, to call it a genre, that always kept to its subwave-logic. It is more a communication method than a genre. And one shouldn't forget that artists such as Beuys, Filliou and Klein kept to it. Estimated value: 400 to 800.
right Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker (Ghent). Stephanie II (2015), an inkjet print, laminated on dibond. Estimated value: 500 to 1.000. Giannina had a crox project in 2012.

left Hallveig Agustsdottir, a recent work from the Somewhat Of An Opera series (2016). Any work of Hallveig (pronounced as Hedveg) is a sound gesture. Her work connects to that of John Cage. Each drawing is a sound performance. Estimated value: 250 to 500.
middle Hillebrand van Kampen (Amsterdam/ Ghent). Hillebrand, who only recently moved to Ghent, has an oeuvre as diverse as the works of Narziss and Goldmund, tending to the Goldmund part. This work, Hollands landschap (Dutch Landscape) is from a series of recent works based on broderie. First bid: 1.000 to 2.000.
front The work in front is a piece by Honoré d'O. Estimated value: 2.000 to 3.000.
right A print by Jan Op de Beeck from a 2013 series of works. Estimated value: 150 to 300.

left Jeroen Frateur (Ghent). La chute de l'abeille (2016). With other pieces assembled here it connects to the zero funding. The main thing is in the title of the piece, which makes it a theme for thinking on the main thing, how to survive in a landscape without emerging art. Without that, would it drip from the ceiling? Would it take a shower to get to the subject entitled to be the main subject? But a shower never has. It frees from worries and yesterdays and a work of art should be naked anyway. Dressed it could take the shower and end as a Woody Allen trailer.
Estimated value: 2.500 to 3.500.
right Next to it is a work by Johan De Wilde, Sound Barrier (2013). Estimated value: 2.000 to 2.400.

left see above
middle Joop Stoop (NL/ IJmuiden). A set of five drawings. I Believe In The Darlings (2016). Estimated value: 250 to 500. Joop Stoop lived in New Zealand, ran a restaurant in Auckland. Back in The Netherlands he ran a gallery in IJmuiden, near Amsterdam. His work is close to that of the Neue Wilden. He actually took part in the Dutch equivalent of that early 80ies movement, having Klaphorst and others, and participated in two crox-projects.
right Karolien Hamers (Antwerp). Dakota (2016), a wall piece with varying dimensions. Estimated value: 200 to 500.

left Klaas Vanhee (Ghent). Well-known for his drawings this work is unique as a piece for auction, as Klaas hasn't been focused on exhibiting his painting and mainly for that reason never before sold on. It is from a recent series of paintings based on a drawing. Estimated value: 400 to 800.
middle Kris Fierens (Hoevenen, near Antwerp). Acryl on canvas. Estimated value: 1.000 to 2.000.

left Kristof Van Gestel (Antwerp). Estimated value: 250 to 500. This absolutely charming and touching piece comes from the kitchen of the artist.
middle Laura Van Severen. Untitled, from 'Land' (2015). Estimated value: 150 to 350. Laura graduated from KASK in 2015. She lives in Barcelona. She had a crox presentation in 2016.
right Lieve D'hondt (Ghent). A fabulous piece from the Figurine Series. Estimated value: 200 to 400.

left see above
middle to the left Lieve D'hondt. Figurine coated with paper porcelain. Especially fabricated for the auction. Early 2015 she made a series of similar figurines, which became a Voorkamer multiple.

middle to the right Lucia Penninckx (Gooik). The Comedy, a recent work. Estimated value: 350 to 500.
right Apache Crown Dancer, a 2014 photograph by Marc De Clercq. Estimated value: 200 to 350.

left Heintje (2016), a work by Marc Palmer (Ghent). A silkscreen edition of 40 picturing AA Gent coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck. 4th of 4 specimen signed by Hein Vanhaezebrouck. Estimated value: 150 to 300.
middle to the left Mario De Brabandere. A 2013 drawing from the mecano series. Selling price: 1.200. First bid: 500.
right see below

middle Max Pinckers (Brussels). The Prophecy. An image from the series Will They Sing Like Raindrops Or Leave Me Thirsty (2014).
Estimated value: 1.500 up to 2.000. Max had his Master project, a fascinating series of portraits of katoy or ladyboys, made by him and Quinten De Bruyn, in croxhapox in 2012.
right Merlyn Paridaen (Ghent). Lacquer on plywood. Selling price: 800 to 1.500. Currently Merlyn has a solo show at BRUThaus Waregem. The title of the work, LAK, points both the medium he used, lacquer paint, and the Dutch expression 'lak hebben aan', which could be translated as I don't care. After a slow process taking many years Merlyn Paridaen emerged as a major talent. All of his recent work is masterfully solid.

up A funny coincidence: Merlyn Paridaen and Michaël Borremans, for years the instrumental twins of The Singing Painters, hanging next to each other. Michaël left the band early 2011. He used to say he had enough of it. Then Merlyn and me, drum and vocals, went on for a couple of years, occassionally having Adriaan Verwée on bass clarinet, until Mathias Van de Wiele (Moker, Wheels) came in on guitar and Peter Jacquemyn and Bart Maris joined the The Singing Painters Meet Carver & Horn project early 2016. The very first concert of this unique project at once made a vinyl, The Food Supplement, coming out early next year. The work of Michaël Borremans pictured here is an early piece. It is a xeroxed lithograph on bistre coloured paper, part of an edition of 25 made for the first crox17 event (1991). After leaving the Beverhout squad near Sint-Jacobs croxhapox focused on street events. Crox17#1 was the very first of a series of projects that locally established the name of croxhapox as an intriguing phenomenon. The xerox of Michaël is N°5 of a series of 16 works. This specimen is from the art edition. Estimated value: 250 to 400.
to the right The empty spot is waiting for a second contribution of Michaël Borremans. He admitted he hadn't been aware of the date of the expo. The work, a drawing I guess, mlay be added to the presentation early next week.

left Two works by Michel Couturier (Brussels). Blanco prints on paper. Sans titre. Estimated value: 300 to 800 & 200 to 500.
right Neel De Bruycker (Ghent).

below Two works by Neel De Bruycker.
left Hardly working (2016). Estimated value: 800 to 1.500.
right Stairs (2016). From an edition of 5. Estimated value: 200 to 300.

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