dinsdag 29 november 2016

The Pursuit #9 [29-11]

A worksheet.

The tombs of both Actor and Actress. One of the [UA]-members, putting on a feather boa, recites what happened to both of them [page 26]: We will swarm the stage at once grab the actors by the arms, legs, hair, costumes, and bite them! Leave the major arteries alone concentrate on the hands; tear off skin, lips and ears. Then tear off the clothes, use brooches and hatpins to tear into stomach and pull. When the belly flops open shovel everything you find out. The air will sting to breathe, it will taste like brass. [ ]

Tuesday 3 p.m. local time. Frank and Arne fasten a hairdress to the ceiling. It's damn cold in the backspace.
Two sketches by Frank, made yesterday or before yesterday.

RA Member A: Good Legends are as unavoidable as staring at the wallpaper. [page 18] But you probably know the rule with legends...
The Philaaahpino broom and, further down, an hourglass (Frank took some time for it yesterday night), leftovers of the Chandelier prop and a sticker showing the RA staging Unrehearsed Audience.


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