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From The Diary of Virginia Woolf

The Woolfs drove to Rodmell for Christmas on 20 December.
December 1932, Volume 4, page 133

The Woolfs drove to Rodmell in a fog on the afternoon of 21 December. Maynard and Lydia Keynes came to lunch, and Vita Sackville-West and her two sons to tea, on Christmas Day; and there was frequent contact with the Charlestonians.
December 1933, Volume 4, page 195

On Friday 21 December the Woolfs drove to Rodmell and stayed there very quietly for just over three weeks. The Charlestonians were away at Christmas, but the Keyneses and Richard Kahn came to tea at Monks House on Boxing Day. VW's 'lodge' in the orchard was now ready for her occupation.
December 1934, Volume 4, page 266

A wild wet night - floods out: rain as I go to bed: dogs barking: wind battering. Now I shall slink indoors, I think, & read some remote book.
1935, Monday 30 December, Volume 4, page 361

The Woolfs drove to Monks House for Christmas on 18 December, and were to remain there until 16 January. On Christmas Eve they drove some fifteen miles north to Fletching, where Edward Gibbon is buried in the mausoleum of his friend the Earl of Sheffield in the north transept of the church. On Christmas day they had lunch and tea with the Keyneses at Tilton; and on New Year's Eve they dined at Charleston.
December 1936, Volume 5, page 44

The Woolfs drove to Monks House on 22 December. On Christmas day the Keyneses came to lunch. On 28 December LW took to his bed with a temperature, but the following day drove to London to see Dr Rau, who sent him to be X-rayed, he ended the year in bed at Tavistock Square, awaiting the results.
December 1937, Volume 5, page 122

In snowstorms and freezing temperatures - which persisted until Boxing Day - the Woolfs drove to Monks House on 20 December for a stay of almost four weeks. On Christmas Day they had the now traditional reunion - this year tea at Tilton - with Lydia and Maynard Keynes, and then dined at Charleston.
December 1938, Volume 5, page 193

From 18-21 December The Woolfs were in London, where they gave dinner to the Hutchinsons and saw a good many people. William Plomer could not come for Christmas; on Christmas Day the Woolfs bicycled to Charleston in a fog for dinner; and on 23 and 27 December exchanged visits with the Keyneses. On the 28th there was snow, followed by a hard frost which enabled LW to skate on the last day of the year.
December 1939, Volume 5, page 252

How one enjoys food now: I make up imaginary meals.
Sunday 29 December 1940, Volume 5, page 347.

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