zaterdag 12 december 2015

Unidentified Quartet Identified

Peter Jacquemyn: bass, vocals
Audrey Lauro: altsax
Alison Blunt: violin
Mark Sanders: drum, percussion
2nd crox-concert of the Unidentified Quartet and alltogether first performance since their extremely exciting first crox appearance.
Above: setup. Mark Sanders bussies himself with a short sound check. Peter walks without any hurry.

above: Peter Jacquemyn
beneath: Unidentified Quartet Identified during the first set. Image: introducing a long and intense episode with spectacular curves of introvertive sound. UQI clarifies. The whirling sound penetrates to the darkest part, where no one ever got to the room where you sit, looking at the blinded mirror.

above: Alison Blunt on violin and Mark Sanders on drums and percussion. Alison's violin tunes marvellously well with the often rattling sounds of the other members of the band.
beneath: The amazing Audrey Lauro.

above & beneath: A striking up-tempo moment with a rhythm bouncing and the savage almost bestial sax of Audrey Lauro.

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