woensdag 16 maart 2011

from a conversation with susanne and markus

Agreement One. Politicians are pinguins. Lookalikes. They dress and behave as. There is a large amount of pinguin population on the south pole.
Scientists agree that politicians, due to general behaviour and habits, are pinguins. There's no need for new species of pinguins on the south pole. Too many of it would dust the place.
Politicians, for that reason, without need to change their long fulfilled attitude, will be escorted to the north pole. We are happy to invite you to worship this concept. Politicians pinguinlike may as such be introduced a habitat that suits the problem. Then we save the ice bear.

Agreement Two. The remaining part, those lads and ladies not escorted to the north pole, with trade people and gang addicts in addition, will be escorted to the Maledivian Islands, a beautiful resort fulfilling the perspective that living here may just as good be paradise. Flights are one direction only. There's no way out. It's a splendid resort. Loads of beautiful islands that soon enough will end below sea level. They even don't need to think. The Maledivian resort is beyond all that.

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