donderdag 29 mei 2014


At the age of 24 he went to Amsterdam. From Reunion they first sailed to the Kerguëlen.
It took two weeks to reach Amsterdam, an island in the Indian Ocean, claimed to be part of France.
Amsterdam is a volcanic spasm in the middle of nowhere, halfway between three continents, Africa, Australia and Antartica.
In Remote Islands Judith Schalansky states that no female came to the island for a period longer than two days.
The Base, Base Martin-de-Viviés, is located at the Northeastern edge of Amsterdam. The males here are scientists studying the deep waters above and beneath.
Paul admits that the place is loaded with girlie magazines. Being a French citizan he had civil service, which took him to Antartica. Here he spent 14 months. He made a mass of photographs, worked in the bakery, enjoyed most of it.
He lived in London, focused on painting, had a Japanese model. He went to Egypt at the age of 40. Here he met revolution, street fights, the people stood against Moebarak, Moebarak went and he got in jail and got beaten twice. They didn't like the painting.
He lives in a squad now, near the canal. Belgium is pretty save and Gent even better so. He doesn't have any money. No gas. During winter an electric stove, that's it.
Painting takes all it has. Paint roars from the walls. The squad he lives offers nothing else.

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