donderdag 10 juli 2014


Abundance is a plague. Too much poison, too much people to be fed, too much religion for that plague of rats. Too much junk. In general: too much of anything good for nothing. Too many of that load of neo-nazi rascals wearing the decent blue. Too much politics anyway. Too much glossy fart, far too much industry good for nothing. Such abundance is a plague. Too much rules. Far too much signs indicating this or that. Too much cows fed to feed foolishly augmentified crowds. Far too much fornication. Too much stories not to be read. Too many people who have not a half a syllable of knowledge asked to tell so. Too much wood wasted good for nothing. Too much crap in the grocery store. Too much crap on telly. Too much crap sold to the poor and good for nothing. Too many books that not should have been written in the first place. Too many dogs and too much worthless thoughts. Far too much iron, far too much bibles and weapons, far too much fools preaching how they got lost. Far too much of anything.

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