maandag 21 april 2008

maandag 21 april

'Oh! You went to the grotto again!', Frips said.
We were sitting at Noe and Brian's place, devoted to a 2004 Fronton - this one named Château Flotis - and hungry. Through the windowpane a vaste panoramic view on roofs and reclining walls and one huge tree above all that.
It is Noe, she again went to the grotto. I've been sick though, she admits; a little fever hung around.
The gig is all about a little gadget, locally known as scapulier - nothing else actually but two pieces of fabric. The thing Noe bought at Lourdes Oostakker is an industrial variant, something like a tiny little box finished with a ceramic-like layer.
(there's that story that I ate mine at the age of three)

The home-cook tonight is Brian. Noe made a tapenade, basically chickpeas and garlic and tasty. The Château Flotis takes a half an hour. Inside the rectangular panorama no changes worth to be mentioned. The sky above the tree gradually turns into a deeper and darker blue.
On the table, next to the garlic-flavoured chickpea-tapenade, a solemn piece of French cheese. Nextroom a tiny little stream of music with different and delicate angles such as Prince and one of the Bach-series for violoncello. On the table a yellow dahlia. (that's next to Noe's elbow)

Marc en Frips brachten twee flessen bier mee, een Lousberg en een Gageleer.

The first dish is a salad-mix with radish, fennel, orange, almond and salad. 'We call it Boston lettuce,' says Noe.
Bejing major nose-noozle and a new word actually: noozle.

A choir of Boston lettuce-addicts enters the main room.

'I found some chalk on the ground near the grotto,' Noe says.
-And wrote something?
'I made a pattern on the path.'

A rectangular container of DIMES classic apricot juice next to the yellow flower. And on the table a second plate, home-cooked pasta flavoured with onion and almonds and parsley. Delicious. There's a little lemon zest to it and a second plate of sliced eggplants juiced with garlic and ginger.
Noe puts a chocolate rabbit on the table. Dark chocolate, big rabbit. Nice rabbit. Rabbits nice and cute run all along the edges of the concrete part of the chapel. A little rouge on the pavement colors the scenerie. She crashes the chocolate using both fists. The dark chocolate rabbit explodes and turns to small parts of chocolate ashes.
Brian turns our attention to one of the bottles. Delicious delight. 'It tastes a little more,' Brian said, 'as Brittish ale.' Yeah, that's true.

Het gesprek komt op Grizzly Man van Werner Herzog. Alleen Brian en ik hebben de film gezien. Ik herinner me dat ik na het zien van die film gedurende enige ogenblikken als een zombie over straat liep. We raken het niet eens over een van de sleutelscenes. Iemand begint over Burroughs.

Dan 'The Gentlemen's Gentlemen' en enkele kritische beschouwingen. 'What you think about this story,' zegt Brian. 'A religious ghost haunting a chapel or a shopping mall.'
Noe interrupts: 'It should be a primary school. Jesus haunting a Kindergarten.'
Or a chapel built on top of a shopping mall.
Or a Kindergarten inside a shopping mall built on top of a chapel. (and Happy Tree Friends hanging in front of that)

Marc tokkelt.
Het gesprek komt op een uitstapje. Ze zouden van plan zijn om naar Grude te rijden.

'I like cows,' Noe says, 'I do like cows. I do like fish, I do like fish.'

Op de zwarte tafel in de woonkamer ligt een editie van The Exterminating Angel van Luis Bunuel. It's been bought at Saint Mark's Bookshop, 'me own husband did,' Noe says. Een van de andere boeken is iets van de Marx Brothers. Een andere boekenstapel heeft bovenaan de cover van 'My boy' van O. Schrauwen.

Ik open het boek van Luis Bunuel op de eerste bladzijde:
-Hey... we're you going?
-Er... I'll be right back. I'm going for a walk. (wait a moment)

Bestuurslid Coene tokkelt, Noe ligt op de sofa, we drinken rode wijn, de wijn wordt in glaasjes geserveerd die voor thee bedoeld zijn. Het gesprek komt op May-Day, de 1ste mei, in Amerika is het geen feestdag. 'We won't celebrate anything that's about helping other people,' grapt Brian. Hij opent Google en ontdekt dat 1 mei en Walpurgisnacht een en hetzelfde zijn.

The dramatic countries.
America is pretty dramatic. But Haymarket Riots
on May first used to be fun.
There's some more books: 'Güzel Okulum' is one of them. 'And that's the section in their history book,' Brian jokes, 'where they learn about the Jewish people.' (he points the cockroach)

Waarover we het hadden, het ligt gevoelig.
1/ vegetarianism, 2/ ribs, 3/ China (Noe)
1/ Jan De Cock, 2/ three little friends, 3/ (giggles) (Frips)
1/ Ataturk, 2/ we talked about Patricia Smith, 3/ a wall in Ghent and a wall in Great Brittain (Brian)
1/ everything is been said (Marc)
2/ nothing is been said

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A gentleman entered a pastry-cook's shop and ordered a
cake; but he soon brought it back and asked for a glass of
liqueur instead. He drank it and began to leave without
having paid. The proprietor detained him. "You've not
paid for the liqueur." "But I gave you the cake in exchange
for it." "You didn't pay for that either." "But I hadn't
eaten it".
--- from Freud (1905).

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