vrijdag 4 april 2014

small inventory of things jeff gburek said

over the falls in a barrel Jeff, having Polish ancestors, lives in Poznan,
according to Marjorie married to a most charming lady, but he was born in Buffalo,
Buffalo near Niagara Falls.
Half of Hudson is Canadian, Jeff says, the other half American.
Over the falls in a barrel Better think twice before you get over the falls in a barrel. The expression is used to point anything you better don't do, unless it has to.
There's a sixties movie on the theme, starring Monroe, I say. Who? Marilyn Monroe, I say. Didn't know about that, Jeff says.

I had been telling that story on a red-eyed nigger one night in the New York subway, late Seventies. Never call a nigger a nigger, Jeff says, unless he's your friend.
Later he added that he didn't like the south of France. I love the landscape, Jeff says, not the people.

Luigi Nono It was Eric, being a multi-instrumentalist himself, who mentioned Nono. As for me that's a very important composer, Jeff says. We had Taj Mahal backsound. Someone pointed the story of Spijkenisse. He or she basically meant to point the fact, I guess, that Spijkenisse used to be some small place out nowhere untill it became part of Rotterdam and got dragged with the usual suburb stigms.

Jack Rose died, Jeff says. What? Jack Rose died? Jack had a crox concert late 2007. He died three years ago, Jeff says.
Early december four years ago. In his thirties. Was it a Smeraldina-Rima guest concert, the Rose crox concert? Yeah, guess so. Good concert actually. Yeah. Loved it.

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