vrijdag 18 januari 2019


herringtrade and the imagery
Assume it was a mistake. A what? A mistake. A what a mistake. That mistake. Assume what a mistake. That That That mistake. A. The mistake it was. Or B. Assume B. B, the mistake it gave. Assume error first, joy of error, and B, that error. Not man was intended to be. Man not but frog. And what mistake. To be. B that image. But image But image of what. Assume both A and B, a mistake both it gave. A, A the unfortunate mistake, or B, assume B, B that mistake. Not –man not– not man but frog. Both A and B the mistake. And what about Frog yes, Frog yes, Frog yes. Frog the image. intended to be image. Man, no no no Man no image. Frog is the image. Intended to be. And if frog. What! What! And what if frog. What what what. And if frog, if frog, than elephant too. Elephant too. Frog & elephant. Not man but frog & elephant. Both frog & elephant. Both intended to be. But image of what. Frog. Assume Frog. Image of Frog. Assume both, both frog & elephant, assume both image of frog.

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