woensdag 23 januari 2019

girl with cigarette

I like very much people telling me about their childhood,
I love the idea of reading books,
The forbidden pleasures of Rock ‘n Roll,
Velvet Underground, or maybe Mozart Tony said,
Birkin, Jane, She put her head back on a pillow and stared, says Most of all
moulded apples I love, Schiller must have had a good deal,
gardens, dictionaries, a lead pencil, keep quiet, keep quiet, the noises around me,
aberrations, rogues, freaks, nosology, the head of,
hat and finger,
What’s the meaning of a nose? Others can’t tear themselves away from alcohol,
funny games on telly, knitting, Sometimes a banana with coffee is nice,
like moments I had with you,
I like something with roses in it, and the sands never rest,
The deafening wind of the desert,
Mountains fell in the sea,
Early zygotene and pachytene stages,
Birkin, Jane, Take off your shoes! The thought of being naked all day,
Put out your tongue! Japanese tourists eagerly clear up the mess,
executives, managers, directors, presidents, generals, politicians, narks, pigs,
oppressed love the oppressor and as we know cannot wait to follow the example,
eggs and bacon,
eggs and bacon,
eggs and bacon, toast and tea, fire, a bath, fire, a bath, fire, a bath,
and then to bed in the depths of the Amazon,

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