donderdag 10 januari 2019


Can’t tear myself away. Can’t. Can’t. Can’t tear myself away. Telly Telly can’t tear myself away For a start For a start Can’t go Go without Can’t Can’t go without. Technically impossible. Can’t. Technically impossible. Can’t tear myself away can’t. Can’t old O can’t. Can’t go Go without Can’t. Can’t go without. Impossible. Technically impossible. Can’t Can’t Go without Can’t. Technically. Technically impossible. Can’t. And I can’t read. I can’t read. Any elsething Can’t Technically impossible. I can’t Can’t read. Impossible. Can’t Can’t old O. Can’t technically technically impossible Can’t And I can’t read I can’t read technically impossible I can’t read. Can’t. can’t read To a wheel. what it says To a wheel. Worse. fastened to it. Can’t go without. Can’t Fastened to it & fed on boiled people. Can’t. Can’t. fastened to it & fed Fed on boiled people. With clenched teeth. With clenched teeth. Comforted by What I mean old O. this is a clear sense of the absurd. WorseFed on boiled crap with clenched it says Teeth teeth fed on boiled It says Fed on boiled people. Can’t go without. Can’t Can’t It says Fed on boiled people Fed on boiled people it says.

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