vrijdag 4 januari 2019

the german

this is what I hear

The German happens to be a very rich man. He had bought a villa for his wife, they went to bullfights and spent days on horsebacks.
He didn't speak Spanish and the Spaniard didn't speak German. The Chinese officers neither.

I had to visit tea plantations in Japan. I'm a salesman. But here is a difficult one : after the auction expectations are indifferently much higher now.

If I spend 40 pages on reading a day I'm ruined. I think I'm ruined. 40 pages, it's impossible.

My standards are high : I focus on small things. What people really want? A perfect reading, a perfect sun, a perfect love affair.
Taking it that serious, would I ever be happy?

I want to publish a book. I can't write. I nevertheless wish to publish a book and sell it. Move in the right circles. Move in the right circles and it goes quick, very quick.

Selling what? Hash ... ? This needs coaching. Sure, that's for certain.

There's people that live in airports.

It's the story of Dash and Dreft. You proclaim I am better, the other claims he is better. People don't care. Is my nigger any better than yours?

The problem is ...  I'm involved, she says. I inspired you, she says, and bla bla bla. Well, anyway,
If you want to do something,
he says, cleaning
in the old-fashioned way,

Then that lady enters, as a first term practice talking to all three of them, and she says : I want to be in love. That's what I really want, to be in love with,
well, Euh,
Maybe. To which highpitch vocals add

Why did you go to Copacabana
What did you do to Copacabana

En dan, als een van de aanzittenden zich opeens met gepaste haast verwijdert, kennelijk ook net hij die er de oorzaak van was dat de gesprekken het Engels als voertaal hadden, luid : O, O, Mijn Irrealistische Doel!

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