dinsdag 13 mei 2008

out of nowhere

Don't make copies, dive into the surf.
Dive into the surf, don't make copies.
There's no copy inside the mirror next to the bathtube.
That image is fake, professionally fake.
Impressionist painting is dead and done,
copies of Cezanne, it's dead and done,
Monet won't be any better and Gordon won't,
even Beuys got sold years ago,
contemporary art is dead and done.
Try poultry. There's business in poultry.

Our company is a professional oil paintings manufacturer who has been focused on hand-painted oil paintings on canvas for more than six years, lies in Xiamen, special zone of China. and now we are trying to extend sales to the whole world. We supply a large sum of high quality duplicated oil paintings, including nearly all types of famous paintings, Impressionist, Contemporary, Landscape, Seascape, Still Life, Floral, Animal, Renaissance, Realism, etc.

And that copy next to the bathtube.

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