vrijdag 28 juni 2013

the case of the case hidden

It is said that he was in love with a fat woman.
It is said that the fat woman was so fat, or actually became so fat, as she became fatter and fatter, which he first didn't notice, but apparently one day he noticed, that she couldn't move, and from that time on he cautiously glimpsed from the newspaper looking every now and then with a grave wax smile - engraved beneath a tin line of trimmed hair - at these gorgeous surroundings in front of him.
He was so much in love with her.
It is said that he and the fat woman had dinner each now and then.
It is said one day that a huge blow of fermented food came from her mouth. It destroyed the pleasure he took in daily reading.
It is said that he from that very day, surrounded by the gorgeous nearness of her enormous parts, ate from her mouth what she gave him to be eaten
and from her arse what she gave him to be done.
It is said that he took the fermented food in his mouth and swallowed it with nothing less but effortless appetite.
It is said that he ate from her arse and did so whenever she had to.
It is said that he quite often mentioned the fact that he had no other means to clean the house.

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