donderdag 19 december 2013

anno zero

Nothing more irregular than the usual slaughter happened.
400 years later, at the inauguration of a new barbarian era,
they called it Anno Zero, the year that hadn't been there.

Not too much is known of the facts, if the bird was a male or a female.
Not that much, apart from a brief note on the more general conditions, of its death.
We know it happened around 1690 and we know it got eaten.

320 years after the bird disappeared from earth,
later experienced as a major mark in history, a beginning that shouldn't have been there,
dodoists work on the species and its re-apparation on earth. Working on the bones
of a thief,
on the skeleton of some slaughtered species, on a murderer drogued with divine words
dragging our mind with the silly hope of a new beginning.
Would such enterprise not be all too daring?
as nothing else but later words may pronounce the end of it.

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