vrijdag 27 december 2013

the wizard of ox

We don't need politicians. Good for nothing they are and rather expensive too.
There's no need to agree or follow what politicians say or do, ages ago we agreed on that.
They make up whatever they need to make up. It's part of the game. Industry.
Obscene pictures of industrial wisecracks dirt the newspaper. Part of the game.

Art is war. Full of life, excentric, baroque or maybe something like rococo a bit,
it contradicts the game.
Dressed as warriors do art confronts the zeros with their goddamn shit.
They may puke one billion dollars. I don't care too much of that. The industry of art

made that part of art part of the game. Art ain't a game. It's war. Figthers stand up,
take arms, fight the system, fight the game, take for that task the noble risk of fame.
If I may so, quoting Yannick Franck, making OK art is worse
than making no art at all. Mating for the greed of a bunch of suckers? Why, sir.

What would it be to be politically correct on that or any other issue. Politically correct
on what? On industry? Political correctness doesn't mean a thing. Dealing with Arabs
adding loads of oestrogen to the drinking system is the one and only thing.
There's no political correctness in these matters. Correctness makes it worse.

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