maandag 16 december 2013

Wiener black

Wiener black is dirived from Lippizaner. Lippizaner horses have the same sort of funeral as humans have. No part of a Lippizaner horse is meant for commercial action. They don't get fried or cooked or sold, no butcher makes it clean to squeeze any other depth than its human dependance left.

From Lippizaner though is derived a colour called Wiener Black, or Horse Black. Bone Black.
There's that fellow, as we know, doing nothing else but bone black.
Wiener Black is dirived from Lippizaner. Was it Hirschhorn that asked him?

From a single bone they found what he knew to make Wiener black. Or maybe it wasn't Hirschhorn?
The blackest black has 6% of something called to be light remaining. Human interest.
6% of light burried on a bone. The blackest black, someone said, is that of the wing of a butterfly.

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