woensdag 24 juli 2013


Rain came from earth and earth I must be with. Oh yes, I believe it must.
Yes, sir, yes. Rain. It feels as the loss it had. And I believe.
These rains, Black, are you and her and me that fell on earth.
Oh, yes sir, I strongly believe such methods work. Anything else then
came down, fled from that sky, came down and squeesed, came down
and pleased, and I had to piss on it, did I, to make it gain.
Sir, you should have done so, sure. But, again, I lost track.
Black, please point your eyes. Yes sir. Brain, if fortune, makes a loss
and making that it opens a disease as new as what it lacks.
Do you believe it had, sir. No, I don't. Black, I trust on you.
Your smell had Tiblis fine, where you and I could have met.
Well, I had a girl, sir, just as black as me and now it rains
and it rains on her and how to be or not, and without that it rains on me.
Sounds unheard a garden makes and beetles please and tease.

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