maandag 8 juli 2013


Please, believe me, killing is harmless. Six one hundred thousand have been killed.
It is harmless, believe me. 7 milliard could have been killed.
Is it not better to kill a dog or an elephant for that very same reason? A dog, yes yes. An elephant, yes yes.
Yes, is it better to kill the dog. It is better to kill dogs, fish, dinosaurs and elephants. You see
We must kill the dog, and we could do that killing, don't you think so. Killing is harmless. Take any elephant.
Billiards of perceptions have been killed. So, please, trust me, it is harmless. Elephants got killed.
We have to take it as such. The dog got killed? It won't matter that much. You are wanted,
alive or dead.
Please, believe me, it is harmless. So many people have been killed.

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