donderdag 19 september 2013

inside the instrument

So it appears now that Martin Sommer and William Knaacke,
who enter croxhapox shortly after half past five,
Hannelore is still at the table where Boris and Lieven had been sitting two days earlier,
took off yesterday from Berlin in a car with a huge, rectangular sculpture on its rooftop,
a car that is not his, Knaacke gently admits, a car that isn't mine, Sommer adds,
that they first drove to Köln, spent the evening with some friends
and again hit the road around twelve o'clock today, Thursday September 19th,
still having that rectangular sculpture on its rooftop, a wooden box containing several works of art.

The wooden box made a weird sound. It had the sound of a violin.
It actually sounded as if they were sitting inside the violin.
They drove like that for a dozen of miles to petrol station one.
There they got out of the car, examined the rectangular instrument on its rooftop,
modified it. Not that much is known about how they managed to clear the sound.
After that they drove on, on speaking terms inside the instrument.

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